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how many coats of varnish should I apply to a clinker dinghy?

I have an old clinker built dinghy built in the 1930s. This has been out of the water for 3 years and I have recently rubbed it down and re varnished and antifouled it.
How many of layers of varnish would anyone recommend?

August 2010
If I varnish external doors I usually apply 3 coats.
As this is going it water being a boat six coats.
Lightly rub down each coat applied and wipe over with white spirit allow it to dry before apply another coat. Do same with all 5 coats. Last coat obviously don't rub down. It will last well....skimp on it and you'll have it out of the water doing it again. And of course no need saying but going to...........USE the correct varnish.
Good luck and happy sailing.

exe seaman

October 2010


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