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Broken dehumidifier - DeLonghi DEM 10?

My DeLonghi DEM 10 sounds like its working fine but it doesn't condense out any water!! None of the warning lights are illuminated, can you help please?

Brian Woolley
August 2010
I've just fixed mine after it not working for ages.
Cleaned all the filters and grill. Still no water. All lights were on and it sounded fine.

Noticed after strippi g down again that there was some moisture in the collection tray.

Turns out that the hole from the collection tray into the water container was blocked with crap. Cleaned and fixed now...

Whoop whoop

October 2017
Crying in tears here, owned my lovely dehumidifier for about 7 years now, never any problems occurred!! However, my DEM110 is not collecting any water. Power is on, PCB works. I have opened the case after struggling for about 2 hours... And have discovered loads of dust, all cleaned now, the unit is assembled. However, the fan is not spinning anymore. I have opened it again and oiled the shaft with WD40, no results... What could be the problem with the fan? Thank you!

May 2017
Hi my DEM10 has just failed, i noted a chemical type burning smell...anyway turned it off took apart today. All after reading your members info re the troublesome Yellow capacitor & with particular ref to "patch" who tells us how to take it appart!(brilliant).
After removing the said yellow peril ...i noted the 2 top small black mini power relays..the lower one had blown a hole & melted the left hand side thru its casing so im now guesing this is my problem...i am about to order this part so i have removed it. it is a LS Lisheng part no LRD-S-124DMT ..a 12A/125VAC,7A/250VAC,7A/30VDC-10A/125VAC,10A/28VDC, the melting is on the left side where 10A notations are..But on removal i find the RH side has 3 pins on rear & LH has only 1 pin at top....HELP please where can i get one of these?? The other top relay looks ok (which seems the same as this burnt one. It looks about 20x13x13mm size.
The Yellow capaictor i have purchase on ebay ok...but the black relay...????? Any info greatfully appreciated thankyou to all you readers. Hope you can help me cannot afford a new DEM10. Oh quiki- missed my Deloghi is a 2006 unit

Toni blue
May 2017
Had the exact same problem. My 6year old DEM10 sounded like it is was working but produced no water at all. No warning lights, no funny noises. Just not producing water.

My solution: Open up the unit and clean the grill on the intake side. There was a thick layer of grime (caused by dust mixing with moisture on the grill) completely blocking the air intake side of the grill. This youtube clip will give you an idea of what it looked like.

Cleaned it and it is now working fine.

Hope this helps a few of you save some money and extend the life of your DEM10s. I'll be doing an annual clean of mine from now on.

February 2017
As Bixie requested does anyone have a photo of the capacitor position people are talking about. My dehumidifier has a working fan and is just not producing water. Previously the yellow light had been coming on alot. I've opened it up and cleaned it and looking at the circuit board have no yellow capacitor. I bought it new around 2014.

January 2017
at Robernd:

Did you also have a DEM10 which sounds like its working fine but it doesn't condense out any water or did yours not turn on at all?

I have a DEM10 (bought in 2009) which turns on and sounds like it is working properly but no water is condensed.

To me, this doesn't sound like it is an electrical fault because the compressor is running. Happy to be wrong, just don't want to start soldering before confirming that someone had this same problem and managed to solve it by replacing the capacitor. Worried that the problem is something else, like it needing to be re-gassed or just cleaned inside.

Thank you again for helping us out.

January 2017
Anyone had any success contacting DeLonghi?

Leigh Greenslade
January 2017
Update on my last post. Ordered a new PCB, easy to fit once you get the case apart. Plugged it in and it works, collected 1 litre of water this afternoon.

Much cheaper than buying a new machine and if it goes wrong again you know it's diy repairable.

Best of luck to those who have similar issues and thanks to all those who have previously contributed, you certainly helped me.

September 2016
Hi all,

Having read this post following my DEM 10 completely failing I decided to replace the capacitor. I bought one off Ebay a £2.30. If you are looking to do the same job the detail is as follows:- CAP FILM, 1Uf, 275VAC, 20% KEMET R46KN410000N2M.

Sadly fitted the part and it made no difference. My issue was complete power loss, when plugged in nothing worked, not even the control lights. I now suspect the relay next to the Red live wire on the PCB which is an 835L-1A-C. Just thought I'd post my research and findings as it may help others.

I think I'm going to have to take a punt on a new PCB as the part I require (835L-1A-C) is not readily available.

September 2016
If delongi dem10 goes on back, does this break it?
Just bought and collected from ebay seller, he put it on its back in my car.
Been standing upright for a few days, plugged it in but red light keeps flashing. Tank seems fine, out and in several times but no change.

August 2016
i've got two of these and both have suffered the same fate!
ordered soldering iron and the capacitor recommended on here, but when i took the thing apart and opened the white box cantaining the pcb there was no big yellow capacitor there! and the capacitor seems way to large to replace the exisiting one
i assume that the circuit board has already been replaced by previous owner as i got it second hand! i imagine replacing one would be beyond my severely limited diy skills
is there a guide anywhere on how do do this, is it simply unplug and replug, or is soldering required?

June 2016
Hi, I have one of these dehumidifiers (delonghi dem10) and there is no output to the compressor live wire (red) off the PCB. I joined it to the fan live and the compressor and the fan ran ok, this was just to test the compressor, obviously not a permanent fix. Is the fault described here (faulty cap.) likley to be the cause?

Chris S
December 2015
My DEM10 has a different control board (1 relay) and subsequently a different fault, nothing to do with capacitors. I fully reverse engineered the controller only to find that the fault was the cheap 12V fan bearings seizing. (no fan, no tacho, no compressor!). Marvelous choice of cheap components Delonghi!! (XFan RSH13635s1 have crap bearings as simple as that). WD40 is only a temporary fix. Unless you can find a better fan (I failed as it is a non standard frame) it needs to be stripped and oiled properly. At least mine is back up and running again and not rotting in landfill like hundreds/thousands of others must be for the sake of penny pinching profits!!! Grrrrrrr.

December 2014
Can anyone provide a pic showing where the capacitor is please? I've managed to get the back off the dem 10 but can't see it? Thanks.


November 2014
My dehumidifer would come on for a couple of minutes and then switch off. I replaced the capacitor and it works beautifully now! Note that the capacitor must not be an electrolytic one. I even found one with the correct spacing between the wires although had to buy 10 for about $6 so I have nine spare now!

September 2014
Dehumidifier works fine just leaks water out of machine can anyone help me

September 2014
It was mentioned above about supplying direct to mains to the compressor to check it works before replacing the capacitor.

Any more details on how to do that? where are the bits i need to connect?

August 2014
As far as I know this problem is usually a faulty capacitor on the main board (400V 0.1 mfd). I've seen that reported on line many times and there is a You Tube video about it

Silver Surfer
December 2013
who knows anyone who fixes dem 10 thxs

December 2012
my dem 10 fan is working and is taking air in and out but no warter in tub what should i do thxs

December 2012
I'll give it my best shot tomorrow and see what happens

November 2012
Good diagnosis by robernd!

DEM10 was bought Nov 2009, failed Jul 2012: stopped dehumidifying with just fan on. On cold re-plug in (to reset timers), compressor spins for about 1 sec before stopping, then just fan continues. 1 uF 275V capacitor (yellow/rectangular C1 on circuit board under plastic cover, next to 2 relays) replaced with 1uF 400V capacitor I got from a friend (ordered more from Amazon) as described by robernd.

Working again.

August 2012
Thanks 'robernd', my fan ran, opened case, put feed terminals from mains direct on compressor and it ran. So followed your instructions, some suppliers wanted stupid money, like £6 and £12 P&P on a single capacitor. Found and bought 5 pack of Panasonic ones on Amazon for £3.72 inc P&P. Never soldered a PCB before but simple. Diagnosis spot on, now working better than before it failed and 4 spare capacitors for the future.

July 2012

Sorry for a bit strange question, where did you all buy this capacitor from ? I don't see much on internet :(

Inder Vaid

Inder Vaid
May 2012
Was interested to read the answer about the capacitor being wrong/faulty. So could that cause my problem which is the device appears completely dead, no power lights or anything but on applying voltage to the fan and compressor they fire up fine. Checked all the micro switches and they are fine so that just leaves something on the control board like a relay or capacitor. Any views?

January 2011
I have two of theses devices. Both had the same mistake within two month.

The reason is the capacitor C1 on the electronic board which lost capacity. You find the electronic board in the upper region under a white lid. The capacitor is the big yellow part besides two black relais. It's capacity is 1 uF and it is made for 275 VAC. If you exchange the capacitor the dehumidifier will probably work.
!!! CAUTION !!! The electronic circuit is not isolated from the line voltage (230 VAC). Remove the power plug before opening the dehumidifier. Be careful of the voltage which the capacitors of the board have even after switching it off.

The operating voltage of the electronics ist generated by a voltage devider. The capacitor is part of this devider. In my case the capacitor had a capacity of only 0.3 uF instead of 1.0 uF. That is the operationg voltage for the relais breakes down from more than 20 V to 10 V. If blower and compressor are switched off the voltage is 20 V. During the switch-on procedure first the blower relay is activated. The voltage goes down to 15 V, and the second relay for the compressor will never switch on.

November 2010
Same here has worked fine for just over a year. How would you get it re gassed? and how much?

Dave H
November 2010
Funnily enough, the same thing has happened to my dehumidifier. It's making all the right noises, no warning lights but not condensing water. It's a year old. Anyone any luck?

October 2010
sounds like you need a regas.

October 2010
Not an answer I'm afraid but I'm also experiencing this problem. Have owned the dehumidifier for about 1 and a half years and it's worked okay up until now. It just stopped working all of a sudden. Very strange.

August 2010

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