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Please help a DIY beginner fix a small leak in GP14 dinghy ? ?

I'm a novice restoring an old GP14 wooden dinghy, it is in good condition generally but is leaking water through the seam where the first panel of marine plywood from the top then joins the piece that slants down towards the underneath of the boat. I have narrowed it down to somewhere at the front between a 6 inch length. Presume it is coming through the seam. Hasn't been in water for 10 years....anyone tell me the best way to solve and stuff to use. Big thanks.

July 2010
Hi, I have not had a boat since 1993 so I cannot give you advise on products or names. the way you describe it you
have a double chine dinghy. if it s got a fillet piece of wood along the join (chine) strip it off, make sure it's perfectly dry. make another and replace using epoxy
glue. if the two pieces of ply just join get them dry and clean cover with glass fibre matt and epoxy, make
sure you use a roller to remove air bubbles
DO NOT use polyester resin. why: water will get behind it and will not bond to the ply
happy sailing

July 2010

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