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Where can I get extending fixing brackets for my curtain pole?

I need extending fixing brackets for my curtain pole as there is no window recess but I need the drop of the curtains to clear a 21cm tile depth of the sill. Does anyone know where I can purchase such an item please?

June 2010
21cm is a long way out from the wall. A bracket will create a lot of pivotal pressure on the fixings at this length, but if you have no choice: you could use L shaped shelf brackets at each end and sit the pole on top of them securing with a screw. The curtains will be hiding the end brackets anyway so it does not matter if they do not match. The centre is the problem. A company called Byron & Byron make long support brackets but they do not come cheap! I have overcome this before by buying a length of pole the same diameter as the wooden brackets and staining the same colour, cutting the correct length of the extension and then securing this extremely well to the wall. Then it is a simple matter of pilot drilling wood screws into this extension for the original brackets to fit to.

October 2010


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