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Caravan brake lights not working?

Indicator lights & side lights are working fine but the brake lights wont come on, have tried taking out electrical connector and replacing but still not working - any ideas please?

Liz Potts
June 2010
Geoff's right in what he's told you , but have you checked the bulbs, it's not un-common for both to fail, or be covered in a powdery corosion in the bulb holders, it's worth a look.

June 2010
There is no easy way of doing this other than checking all the connections for the RED wire in the 12N socket.
If the side and indicator lights work then there is not much likelyhood of the problem being with the earth (white) wire. So do all the checks for continuity on the red wire. Problems tend to develop in the car 12N socket (because there is constant exposure to water and damp conditions) also concentrate on the plug and 'A' frame conections.

Geoff deep down inside Wales
June 2010

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