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Keypad light of Motorola SLVR?

I recently bought a Motorola SLVR from a friend. He told me when he got it, the keypad didn't light up. Most cell phones have an option where you can turn the keypad light on/off. I've looked through this phone so many times to try and find something about the keypad light so I can try to get it to work. I can't find a thing. Is this phone just messed up, does this phone just not have a keypad light, or...? I don't think that it doesn't have one. What do I do to get it to work?? Help, please!

May 2010
I believe this phone has a sensor on the front right side - looks like a small square area. It detects light and will turn the keypad light on only if it detects there isn't enough light. But most repairs on this phone are pretty easy.

May 2010


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