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Vivitar Camera Repair?

I have a Vivitar ViviCam 7330 camera. All display function are working (ie viewing options and settings as well as photos already taken). The camera viewer however is blank in the take photo mode. If the shutter is acivated the taken foto is blank.

Please help

Dave Rowe
May 2010
My power button on my vivitar 3755 is broken

Jeanette Bremner
April 2014
Have a Vivatar 650 PZ Data Back AF Series 1 camera w/ 38-110mm Power Zoom Lense. Upon powering up zoom advance, external shutter leaves will either not open or open very slowly. I have blown out stutter slots with compressed air and have lubed area w/lite oil to no avail. Can you recommend a repair procedure or adjustment to restore shutter action. Thanx.

mike g.
July 2010


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