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Crosley model#cw6000w?

My washing machine over fills no matter the setting (small, large) the spin cycle works and will drain the water properly but I have to monitior when the water fills the basket, also the basket will not spin washing the load properly

May 2006
Same soggy problem with disgruntled downstairs neighbors to add to the fun. Switch and tube post right on the mark. Many thanks

April 2007
We have the same washer. Some time ago we had the problem where it would never stop filling with water, it would continue filling even after it was overflowing the tub and spreading all over the flow. I eventually found the problem. The water level pressure hose had a tear in it where it connects to the tub. If you open the top of the washer (not the round lid, the entire top) you can see the hose on the back left of the washer running down and connecting to the tub. You have to take the back of the control panel off to get to the other end of the hose. It's also possible that the pressure switch is defective. It is located behind the back of the control panel. Just look for the part that the small clear hose plugs into.

April 2007
I know this is dreadfully late, but mine just did the same thing. I'm thinking it's the water level pressure switch or hose. If you fixed yours, post back.

November 2006


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