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Amana washer does not drain.?

My amana washer will not drain. Seems to be very quiet during drain cycle. Kicks into spin and kicks the overload or breaker off. Just changed belt,pump and motor.

Jim Ingolia
March 2010
Don't know Amana washer-but I wonder if you've got a similar problem that I had-I thought mine was the pump-but it turned out to be most of the hoses to and from the pump that had clogged up over time.If you haven't done so already, you need to take off every hose completely from the pump (after bailing out all the excess water you can't pump out of course) and reem each hose through by whatever method you can eg bottle brush gaffer taped to a stick,small gauge flexible drain cleaner,you could try blowing hard through each hose in turn (into a bucket of course) and finally flush through each hose with clean hot water.Hope that' s If none of above is applicable,it may be that the impellar inside your pump is knackered-can't remember if you'd replaced pump-try the hoses first.

March 2010


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