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Help! My velux blind has jammed ?

We have a manual velux blind on one of our windows which has jammed in the closed position. Normally I would dismantle it & have a go at fixing it but you can't take it apart with the blind closed.

Juliet Curnow
January 2010
Had to take blind off rail and then remove rails themselves. This freed the blind and it all went back on easily following std Velux instructions.

DID Learner
July 2014
My blind was jammed in the closed position and the blind had detached from the sides. I managed to fix it by using a screwdriver and a little force on the bottom handle, one side of the handle wasn't moving so used the screw driver for a little leverage, as soon as it loosened I gently pushed the handle back to the top. The blind rolled back up with the blind still loose, no problem, and the sides realign themselves when the blind is pulled gently back down.
Relieved I got it fixed, it was driving me mad!

December 2010

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