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freezer repair ?

I have an old Amana freezer about 22 years old that is making a clicking noise, then it stops and a minute later it clicks again. The freezer is not starting up after this clicking noise. It seems that the freezer is calling for the compressor to come on but there is only a click. Further inspection shows me that there are several electrical parts coming out of the compressor. The compressor has three prongs. Two of them go to a small unit that has a wire coil in it. The third prong is connected to a wire that goes to a small round part that has acts like a set of points. This unit is arcing a spark when it clicks on. It seems to be magnetically activated to send some electrical pulse to start the compressor. I really don't know anything about this stuff. But I did take this part apart and saw that the spark has burned the points but after cleaning them and putting it back together it still does the same thing. Any ideas would be great. Many thanks, RJ

January 2010
The bit in question is a starter for the compressor but I think this is a compressor fault and as such is unrepairable (cost wise).the starter kicks in and starts the compressor on the start windings and then the RUN windings should take over after a few seconds.yours attempts to start but fails to run which is a classic compressor fault.

January 2010


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