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My DeLonghi DEM10 Dehumidifier never works?

The Dehumidifier has the flashing 'too cold' light on all the time which stops it working, even though it is not cold where it is. I imagine the sensor has gone wrong. How can I fix it?

Philip Trinder
December 2009
Reply to old post but it might help someone. I also had the orange defrost light permanently on. Replacing the capacitor did not help. Cutting the lead to the temperature sensor (from connector CN2 on the PCB) and inserting a 2700 ohm resistor did!
Details see:

July 2020
I had the same problem with the yellow light and too code, lucky returned it under warranty. they did a service on it. although it happened again out of warranty, so I took the housing covers off and hovered the dust out. Its now been working for 6 months onwards :-)

December 2014
Have a Mkt capacitore 1uf 400v (yellow) on Eletronic board, you must change it. Search on youtube, have a vídeo explain.

May 2014
Try switching it off at the mains and then switch it back on again a few moments later. I have the same problem with the orange light going on at room temp and this works for mine. I used to switch mine off in the evening using the top dial but it is still working as the red light comes on when the tray is emptied. Maybe it should be switched off at the mains when not in use.

Sue B
January 2012
And me. I'm now on my second dehumidifier and having taken it out of the box, it is not dehumidifying at all. Just phoned customer services and was told that they don't work in cold temperatures. The cold temp warning light is NOT on and the house is not cold (the heating has been on constantly for 2 weeks). But there is still condensation on the windows. Not convinced by customer services. Will wait a week then will call back. Very frustrating.

December 2010
I too am experiencing the same problem - first few weeks fine .. now amber light constantly going on (too cold when it's 20degrees) and fan just running... effectively not dehumidifying and just wasting money and energy.
I was advised by De Longhi I'd have to get a service technician to look at the issue. Brought it to the closest one who changed the 'top' controls, brought it home and next day same issue. Went back to speak to him and was told to ignore the lights and leave it running for a week and see. Spoke to De Longhi again stating I wasn't convinced that ignoring operating functions was the way forward and that I wanted to speak to another agent.. the second agent wasn't even familiar with the model so couldn't shine any light. If you get any answers please let me know...
It is a relief to know I'm not the only one experiencing the issue!!

April 2010

I bought one Dem10 and are experiencing the same problem. Worked thing for the first 2 weeks now the "too cold" light has paused the dehumidifying. Do you know what batch number your ones are from?

Did you get in touch with Delonghi or place of purchase?

March 2010
I have the same problem. Bought one from Amazon and it had this problem. Returned it. Got another from my local store and it also has the same fault. Only glad that it is not just me but it is really frustrating.

January 2010
I have the same problem. What did customer services say in the end?

January 2010
I think there may be a problem with a batch of this model. we recently bought one and the same thing happened. returned it to the store and got another one which does exactly the same thing. I am currently waiting for their customer services to get back to me. if you havent had it long i would return it.

January 2010


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