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replace chuck?

how to remove old chuck on makita cordless 8391D drill

November 2009
many thanks Don will give it another go with the wd
40 it certainly wont move without, Cheers Norm

norman lloyd
December 2009
-First start by opening up the old chuck all the way and you will see a screw down in the middle of the chuck, unless it is missing. (The screw is left-handed threads.)
-Remove the screw.
-Take a large Allen wrench. Tighten down in the old chuck (the chuck has right handed threads).
-Lay the tool down on its side.
-Take a hammer and hit the other end of the Allen wrench several times until the chuck comes off (some of them are on very tight).
-If it doesn't come off, then spray WD-40 down inside the chuck and let it sit overnight or for a few hours and then try it again.

December 2009


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