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EBAC 2800ex Dehumidifier Doesn't switch on?

Doesn't switch on though power continuity seems ok

I've had the unit apart and checked electrical continuity to the switch operated by the water container. This appears ok so I'm wondering if the circuitry behind the control panel has failed. The unit has made a few juddering noises recently whilst running.

Any help/suggestions will be much appreciated, even if it means knowing the unit is not worth repairing.It has had six years hard wear!

November 2009
no it dosnt dozer, the coil next to the gas bottle has a small ball bearing in it witch as the power is put on the ball is magnitized the click you used to hear when you put it on was the ball making the connection they get stuck in one end and wont move if water has gone on it or dirt etc, go maplins and buy a new one for £3.80 fit it done, its a common falt with them, hope ive helped

matt helm
December 2009
Well, further investigation revealed a frazzled PCB, so it's new dehumidifier needed!

Hope this perhaps helps someone else.

November 2009
Further investigation has revealed that the PCB is frazzled!

One new dehumidifier required!!

November 2009


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