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countax gearbox problem?

I have a countax rider 30 step through on mower all five forward gears work fine but when reverse is selected it goes nowhere and makes a grinding noise, sounds like the teeth of the cog has gone . can this be repaired and if so is it straight forward also is it possible to get a repair manual.Thanks

March 2006
Count yourself lucky you dont have a C600 with hydrostatic drive. I'm on my third back axle in 5 years. Countax have discounted the price, but say the C600 is not suited to even modest slopes, for which 4 wheel drive or a diff lock is required. Shame the dealer - Country Mowers of Canterbury- did not point that out in the first place.

July 2012
manual countax riders can be a nightmare for this, and also it is very difficult to adjust the clutch / pto pulleys so there is enough power to turn the brushes but also allow the clutch to disengage. if you remove the gearbox and split it you may find a broken cog or you may find the selector is bent or broken. i stock secondhand bits for these gearboxes and you are probably looking at £10 - £20 for another gear or £25 for a selector. i am on 07702007322. hope this helps.

njal skinner
February 2010
you are not supposed to change gear on the move
.this may be the cause of worn or broken all countax owners, STOP change gear then move off. I have old ctx 300on 2 acres,i take off deck and paint every and service is the life of any machine

Sean McDermott
August 2009
I had pretty much the same problem last year on my (then 5 year old) mower, but it wouldn't drive in forward or reverse . My local Countax service centre told me that the gearbox needed replacing and he hadn't come across this problem with Countax before. Having previously owned a Westwood for more than 12 years, with very few problems, I am extremely dissatisfied with the Countax. Every season I have some problem or other with it - I went to start it today and the battery was flat! I'd try to sell it on eBay, but I don't think that I could be that cruel to some unsuspecting punter, good luck with your problem - you're going to need it.

April 2006
Oh ya there is repair manuals ...sounds like the gear is striped or out of adjustment ain`t no fun to pull rear out especially if the tire hubs won`t come off like I had with mine

good luck

March 2006


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