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How do I repair my Humax pvr-9200T which stops reacting to the remote?

My Humax has given problems for months. Somtimes after switching on it stops responding to the remote - will not change channels, show menu, switch off etc. Sometimes it will switch off at the box only, otherwise I have to switch off at the plug. This problem is getting worse and worse. Then it just starts behaving again. The picture doesn't freeze like some people's Humax seems to do.

October 2009
Thank you!
I can't remember the last time I felt as much panic as I did when I believed my Humax was broken. What the heck was I going to do for the rest of this sunny Saturday?

March 2015
My mum has a PCR9300T, I switched it off at the remote by accident now it's saying no signal, I've tried everything but the menu button on the remote doesn't work, it says no channels stored so I can scan for channels then it goes back to saying no signal again, I'm at my wits end as my mum is 88 and is yelling at me for switching it off in the first place!

December 2012
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Your advice has saved me tearing any more of my hair out and has greatly improved our over all viewing quality!


March 2012
just wanted to thank you so much for saving my Humax GMCM this worked a treat

Adrian Parker
April 2011
need to update your software patch out 2day hurry they will be broadcast for a limted time update now

March 2011
ive been tearing my hair out for the last 2 weeks trying to get my remote to work..when it does it is usually 10-20 secs later!! ultimately jamming and me having to switch of the rocker at the rear of the machine ,to re-start. thought it was either the remotes batteries or maybe the hard drive was full or the software needed updating...ive tried your remedy and i am a happy bunny ....thankyou.

andy smyffmawzz
April 2010
I have experienced exactly the same problems listed here on this thread eversince the 24 March 2010 retune.

Using the fix suggested by GMCM everything appears fine, and thanks JD for the tip regarding getting the arieal reconnected quickly.

The EPG still takes a little longer to fully populate with programs (especially BBC channels), but I can put up with this after all the other problems experienced over the last month.

I haven't needed to carry out the remote reset as yet, but will bear in mind incase the remote issue 'raises its head' again.

Dave Morgan
April 2010
Fantastic! Thank you for posting this fix. I got PVR-9200Ts for both my dad and my girlfriend and they both went nuts at the big retune in 2009. Obviously this made me look like I'd chosen rubbish machines for them... :p

As well as exactly the above described remote non-response for random durations their channel allocations also went to heck along with some of the channels' EPGs (including the Now&Next info) failing to appear. Software version was current. No amount of retuning and manual fiddling seemed to be able to sort it out.

Ran through the above process written up by GMCM and gf's is now 100% again. Will do dad's shortly.

Just a tip - be ready to plug the antenna back in the SECOND it powers itself off after defaults routine is completed - as soon as it's rebooted it'll start its channel rescan so if you're not quick it'll miss a few.

Thanks GMCM, day saved and to PVR-9200T's saved from the bin. :-)

The JD
March 2010
i have had problems with my humax 9200t after 30 sept retune i noticed today bbc south west stockland hill. before retune i was mendip transmitter. mendip is 97% stockland is 35% both 100% quality. my humax would only tune to stockland hill which was bad for chanell 5. i did factory reset retune no aerial then retune with indoor aerial.then roof aerial. fingers crossed it is now not taking 10-20 secs to respond to remote.

graham hellings
November 2009
I found this on another website and it worked for me: Just as an aside... sometimes (and it's happened to me just the once) you can be using the remote and leave it for a while and then it seems to just stop responding. you change the batteries to no avail.. i took the batteries out and just held the on/off button on the remote for a couple of minutes which apparently resets the frequency for the remote.

November 2009
GMCM - thank you for your reply. I tried it but unfortunately it didn't work. The solution you gave seems to be the solution for the tv freezing which other people seem to have problems with. My problem is not freezing, but instead the remote has no effect and even the buttons on the box do not turn off the humax - instead I have to turn it off at the mains, wait a few moments then switch it back on. Then it may behave for a few minutes or if I'm lucky the rest of the evening!! Next day problems happen again!! As long as I don't want to change channels or go to menu etc I can watch the channel it's stuck on all evening.

October 2009
Firstly, switch off the unit at the rocker switch at the back. Then remove the aerial from the PVR and then power it on.

Access your MENU>INSTALLATION>DEFAULT SETTING>YES (your password is '0000' when required)

The unit will now turn itself off and on again.
Once the machine turns off you will need to reconnect the aerial.

This will reset your box and rescan the channels (you will need the aerial reconnected at this point), once this is finished, make sure to SAVE the results, and this should resolve your problem.

Note: it doesnt delete any recorded shows.

October 2009


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