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accenta6 reset?

after having power for 3hrs on and 6hrs off continually for 3days due to power cuts i cannot seem to reset alarm due to no power to key pad although i have power to main board and alarm box shows red light running side to side as normal but white light flashing non stop. i have had an electrician look at problem and is just as puzzled as myself. please dont say i need a new system

August 2009
right your in luck i have this alarm steve press reset on the alarm and see if that dosent do out then turn off the alarm and undo the battery wait until theres no power in the system at all now plug the battery back in first see if the alarm works if the alarm bleeps or anything or goes off put the code in press reset straight after now put the main power on and see if theres any diffrence maybe a new alarm i recomend texecom veritas r8 a texecom odessey bell box and texecom reflex pir's defo and if it makes you feel better my alarm is up for change next week good luck

August 2009

call me i will advise

gerry 07817389252

August 2009

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