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My Hayter Lawn Mower Won't Start?

I have an old Hayter petrol lawn mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine which will not start. It is getting fuel but I believe the problem is electrical. I cannot get a spark. I have changed the points and condensor, changed the coil and used a new spark plug and disconnected the stop cable. I do get a tingle if I hold the plug lead when I turn the engine over but if I take the plug out and hold it against the engine with the plug lead connected and turn the engine I cannot see a spark. I think I have covered most things and there is not much more to the electrics so I am stuck. I have also checked the magnet on the flywheel and set the points and plug gap and checked the air gap of the coil at the flywheel. Help!

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Don Whyte
August 2009

Thanks for your response. I did use new parts. the points are opening and closing ok and the gap is set. The flywheel key is intact. I did disconnect the stop cable where it fixes on to the body of the lawn mower. the only thing I haven't done is disconnect it from the condensor. I will try that next to see what that does.

August 2009
If the ignition system was working you'd get a lot more than a tingle.....on these old Briggs the points were opened by a pushrod worked from the cam - the pushrod has its own drilling. Pull it out, clean it and see that its sliding easily. Also check that the flywheel key is intact. Did you use new parts, or second hand ones?

August 2009

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