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How do I fix Hitachi CP-S310 LCD Projector?

getting error message on screen
Sync out of range on RGB1?
also how do I use the USB port?How do I fix Hitachi CP-S310 LCD Projector

Graeme Williams
February 2006
OK SO BOLLOX TO THE ADVERTISING ! try dropping the resoultion on your laptop /pc goin in to the projector ? if that doesnt work also try changing the vga cable between ? i think the usb is a remote mouse function on that projector if you bang a usb lead in to your pc pre boot and the remote that comes with your projector should then turn in to a remote mouse any more q's mail me ta

March 2007
Hi there! Im Shayne from LCD Presentation Systems Inc. We fix projectors for the lowest prices youll find anywhere gaurenteed. Im not just saying that either. Im on here looking for more business and we fix everything from projectors to tv's, but projectors of all types are our specialty and focus. Our tech is one of the best I've ever had the opportunity to work with. He can fix anything. Let me know if you are still interested in your repair request. You can email me @ and we can go from there! Id love to be able to help you out!! Have a wonderful day!

Shayne Leatherwood
August 2006


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