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Motorola Razr V3i?

I have replaced the inner & outer LCD screen along with the brown ribbon around the screen. The screen works fine now but I have lost the sound from the earphone i.e. I cannot hear the caller when I answer the phone. I can hear the caller if I switch to Speaker, but not from the earphone. The caller can hear me, but I can't hear them. Can anyone help please?

June 2009
disassembly and lcd replacement

d thompson
August 2009
This happened to me....ur phones ear-piece is damaged....u need to replace this and also this being a flap phone take care in future that u dont shut the flap too hard (enough to produce a sound) as this damages the ear piece it over a period of time.

June 2009
Try taking the SIM out and giving the gold contacts a wipe with a clean cloth.
Sounds bizarre but I have known it to work in the past.
Failing that reflashing the firmware can help.

June 2009


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