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Mend Memory, Memory Cards
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Mend Memory, Memory Cards

Bent SD Memory card?

My sandisk memory card for my camera got stuck in a computer, and got bent when removing it. Neither a computer or my camera can read the memory stick now. It is full of pictures. Is there any way to recover those pictures?

Beth S.
May 2009
Same Here.
I wanted to use a game in my 3DS and drag files. I kept switching it from my PC and 3DS. When I pulled it out of the PC It got bent really bad! I had memory that I need and Pre-Installed Super Mario 3D Land. It's the only game I got, now I have nothing to do. My mom bought it, now she will get mad so i'm not going to tell or show her. Please help before I get busted. It got bent after the day I even got the 3DS!

Zack Wendburg
December 2012

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