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Boulter oil fired?

Cannot afford professional repair so could you give me a checklist so I can identify mostlikely cause / component to replace ?

The boiler has power / fuel but does not fire up, fan does not appear to run up then times out and reset light light up. Reset appears to work but just repeats as above.

Chilly Willy
May 2009
I dismantled the burner, revealed the fan disconnected the fuel line and re-connected the power (carefully) switched on the power and ch, the fan did not turn so i gave it a push with my gloved hand. The fan burst into life, i switched on and off about 15 times, each time OK. So I re-assembled and the dam thing is working just fine. conclusion maybe the capacitor is a bit dodgy maybe the brushes commutator ring could be cleaned up. Thanks for all your help.

Mr Chilly
June 2009
The Motor Capacitor may have Failed,
The Motor or Oil Pump may Be Seized,
If you have power, and the Fan does n ot run, then one of the above WILL be the answer
Capacitor £10-00
Motor £85-00
Oil Pump £90-00 All Plau Vat & Fitting
May 2009
Thanks john, that sounds like a plan , I will go and test in sequence and let you know how I get on.

Chilly Willie
May 2009
Its probably as well to understand the start up procedure first....on switch on -
1) The fan starts, and runs for about 8 sec
2) Ignition spark occurs
3) Oil is electrically turned on by a solenoid at the pump
4) Flame establishes....its checked by the photocell - if it detects light then it allows combustion to continue, if not, it shuts things down. (Lockout).
So - if your burner doesn't want to cooperate at all, then maybe the photocell thinks that the burner is running anyway due to its fault, but usually you would hear the motor run for its 8 sec interval anyway.
The motor, fan and pump are all connected together with a flexible coupling, by the way. What you are saying is that there is no noise at all from the burner until the lockout lamp comes on?

May 2009

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