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boiler not firing ?

my regular conventional halstead hero 40 boiler wont fire up there is sometimes a dim light as if it is really trying to ignite. about 4 weeks ago i noticed that it was turning itself off, so i put in salamandar sludge remover about 3 weeks ago, and yesterday it wouldnt come on at all.
there is no heating or hot water and due to finances i wouldnt be able to get anyone to look at it till the end of the month and even then it would depend on the outlay.
i would be grateful for any information and advise given in the meantime.

April 2009
i have an old glowworm conventional boiler (not a combi) and the pilot still lights but the boiler wont fire up! i have no heating or hot water and im just wondering how i can get it to fire?

chris beatty
November 2009
If the boiler works with the cover off but not with it on then the problem is almost certainly with the flue. Check tat the inner flue is set properly within the outer flue tube and that any rain cowling hasn't slipped. The reason I say this is because the simptons suggest oxygen starvation.

May 2009
Hi mine too. wires seem to be loose. works when i take off cover but if i put cover back on light goes out and no hot water or heating. cant even find a plummer in epsom that can fix it. its only 5 years old. if any plumer in epsom area available to help. contact me please.

jan dixon
April 2009


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