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boiler not firing ?

my regular conventional halstead hero 40 boiler wont fire up there is sometimes a dim light as if it is really trying to ignite. about 4 weeks ago i noticed that it was turning itself off, so i put in salamandar sludge remover about 3 weeks ago, and yesterday it wouldnt come on at all.
there is no heating or hot water and due to finances i wouldnt be able to get anyone to look at it till the end of the month and even then it would depend on the outlay.
i would be grateful for any information and advise given in the meantime.

April 2009
Have a look in the combustion chamber. The baffles have a nasty tendancy to corrode on these boilers and can fall onto the ignition electrodes.

April 2009
I think that your sludge remover has worked too well - the chances are it has blocked up a sensor somewhere which is impeding water flow. It does need a service, I fear.

April 2009

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