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How can I fix my Motorola ROKR Z6m ?

My motorola ROKR z6m has a cracked screen. What do I need to do to replace it with a new one that I found on Ebay?

April 2009
you cant replace the screen it doesn't work it whites out iv done it 4 times and nothing happened

bobby g
January 2010
my phone just completly turned white screen. how do i fix it?

November 2009
old screen just pops off. i took a small screw driver and pried mine off. new screen should have a peel off paper that reveals adhesive. peel, align and press into place the new one. if you need to replace the keypad on the slide do that first. it is a pain to replace. i had to lift my recently replaced screen several times to get the keypad correct.
June 2009


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