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My Bissell Proheat 2x wont spray out water?

i have a bissell proheat 2x and the brushes spin and the suction works but the water will not come out of the main sprayer or the tool attachment im am going to try to see if the hoses are clogged but was wondering if anyone had a similar problem that could help me out

February 2009
I have a Bissell 9500 model that everything works except I get no soap why won't the soap dispenser work, I just get plan water out of the bladder tank

August 2014
no water spray at the bottom of the vacuum but have water spray at upholstery cleaner. remove the water tank and you will see two spray nozzle ends thay have red clips that hold them in. take them out by pressing inward on the clips, pull out the spray nozzle, get pliers and squeeze the hose clamp, and remove the red spray tip from hose and clean out the tip it does not take much to clog them. this worked for me and you do not need to remove the brushes to clean them

jim july 2010
July 2010
We're having the same problem... we'll try taking it apart. We haven't used for about a year... I'll post if taking it apart and cleaning hoses work! Thanks for the suggestion.

BTW Bissell website just said to make sure fluids were in the tanks (dUH!!) and to turn off wait a minute and turn back on to prime the pump.. oh... and here's list of local repair places it that doesn't work

... I've loved my Bissells and have an awesom vacuum, too! I hope this works!!

March 2009
We took our unit apart. Found a lot of dried flaky soap sediment in the water tubing that goes up the handle and back. We flushed the tubing to remove the soap debris. We used a toothbrush to clean the sprayer tips. Our machine was in storage for 5 years and the soap sediment looked like chunky flaky chalk. We used the recommended soaps (bissell). Both sprayers work.

February 2009
I had the same problem with mine, I went to Bissells web site and there you can tell them what problems you are having and they will send back to you a list of things that it could be for your problem. and if under a year it still should be under warranty.

February 2009


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