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Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems

optoma control panel failure ?

The control panel of my optima house alarm system has now given up completely as it does not respond to any input. I have been suggested to replace it with veritas 8 control panel at a price of £150 by the security firm that I am currently with. I have run this past other securuty firms in the area but they are not keen on the Veritas 8 control panel. However, the main reason that it has been suggested by my security firm is because it will be like for like and also as it will do minimum amount of damage to the surrounding decor.
Could someone please advise me if there is a better replacement panel than the Veritas and also if the £150 price quoted is reasonable if I do decide to go ahead with the Veritas installation? Has someone got a better suggestion?

Thank you

January 2009
Personally I would recommend a Scantonic 9651, similar in size but has the added benifit of lcd readout. With regards to cost £150 would be acceptable.

January 2009

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