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How can I fix my cream leather sofa ink(biro)marks?

My little son has drawn about 10 ink (biro) lines on the arm of our cream leather sofa. How can we remove it?

Julie Knight
December 2005
i have been told that hair spray can remove biro. Just spray on leave for a couple of seconds then it should wipe off

July 2007
Be very careful about using thinners on many types of leather particularly aniline & semi-aniline leathers! Safest is to use a product called "ink-away" from woolworths etc. It looks like a lipstick & costs a couple of quid. Good luck!

March 2006
soap and water will work...or if its very bad use celulose thinners,,,,,, just a little,then wash with soap and water allow to dry then polish with the correct colour wax, various colour of wax is availiable from car body repair shops, halfords and the like.

December 2005


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