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Mend Mend Breakables, Chinaware and Porcelain

How can I repair a bathroom basin?

Can anyone recommend a good adhesive to stick a chunk of porcelain bathroom basin back on please?

November 2005
Use a good quality 2-part epoxy, available at most home improvement stores.
Things you'll need:
-Epoxy kit
-Rubber/plastic gloves
-Duct tape (the handyman's secret weapon)
-Waxed paper (makes clean-up easier)
-Rubbing alcohol
-Soft cotton cloth

1. READ THE DIRECTIONS on the epoxy package
2. Clean the "wound" (both peices) with alcohol to ensure any grease/dirt/soap ect. is removed.
3. Put on your gloves.
4. Mix the epoxy on the waxed paper.
5. "Butter" each of the two broken pieces with epoxy. Wait a couple of minutes for the epoxy to become tacky.
6. Press the broken piece back where it came from, then wipe away any overflowing epoxy with the soft cloth.
7. Cover the repair with a small piece of waxed paper.
8. Cover the repair and waxed paper with a piece of duct tape.
9. Wait the amount of time found in the directions.

Dave in Tampa
February 2006


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