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spares for Frister & Rossman cub4?

I need a small but vital part for my machine, can't find a regular spares shop for this old but working perfectly machine.. any help appreciated, thanks

January 2009
thanks for answering my query. Have found the part, sent over from U.K. (I'm in Spain.), but still the drive belt comes off the pulley, so now not sure if its a question of tightening the belts somehow, as my local yokel supposedly repair shop has no solutions, as he doesn't handle this make, and my referral to part supplier says it should be o.k. If this sounds a bit sketchy it's because I don't understand the workings of anything mechanical.... Any suggestions? thanks again

linda hunter
March 2009
Hello Linda,
What part do you need, email me below, are you in the US or UK
January 2009

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