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Pentax Optio A30 Screen Replacement?

Is it possible to optain the parts for, and easily repair, a Pentax Optio A30 that has a cracked screen? Thanks.

December 2008
I second that comment on the flash capacitor!

April 2011
Try eBay, I managed to get a screen that fits the A10 A20 A30 A36 and S10 imported from Japan it only cost £17 with P&P, however the average for these replacement screens is £40 odd. Oh and the ones from Japan come with tools for opening the camera.

And as for how difficult it is to replace all depends on if you have a steady hand or not, I tend to use a magnetised screwdriver to avoid losing the screws.

Word of advice don't touch the flash capacitor it hurts.

May 2009

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