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How can I fix a DGM(Digimate) 17" L-1721 LCD Monitor?

For the past couple of days, for some reason the socket on the monitor that the power supply fits into is playing up.

It stays off but if I move it around the power on the monitor comes back on then will go off again, unless I hold it in the one place.

Anyway I took it apart and it seems that all the wire just sit connected to a little circuit board which can be taken out. This contains the VGA, POWER & AUDIO sockets.

I was just wondering if this can be replaced or will it be possible to just resolder another power socket onto the board? if it is possible to get one. I can provide pictures if you need to.

I have never used this site before so I am not sure how it works. If you need to contact me my email address is

Paul Allen
October 2008
I had exactly the same problem and removed and renewed the power socket on the electronics board. This worked for another few months, and then failed again. Its a poor design, and liable to fault and run very hot - dangerous in my opinion if left un-attended. Mine eventually ran very hot causing burning smells due to poor high resistance connections with the connector. Eventually I replaced the socket on the card with a direct wiring arrangement to the power supply. Its a cheap design, perhaps I got what I paid for... :)

September 2009
and in addition to the previous. Very carefully tweez the two contacts in the DC supply plug in towards the centre of the hole (but not too far) so that they make better contact with the central pin of the socket.

Ref Chris's suggestion. Honestly, if you have nothing to offer but insults perhaps it is better to stay silent?

March 2009
Try carefully bending the central pin in the DC socket down so that the male power plug makes a better contact with the external conector inside the power input socket. It worked for me.

PS . Do not drop a screw inside the back like i did! they are hell to get out.

March 2009
i would bin it they are crap monitors had the same problem dgm dont want to know

December 2008


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