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BEKO WMA 510W Drained , Lights On , Wont Work?

My Washing Machine Tripped The Fuse Box Before adding Conditioner But Had Already Drained And After A couple of Minutes Without Power Released The Door Lock. I Removed The Clothes And Now When You Turn It On The Following Lights Are Lit The Start Light The Pre Wash Light The Wash Light And The Spin End Light. The Spin End Light Activated After Doing The Hold Start Button Reset But Now Its Just Not Doing Anything ? I Looked Inside And Everything Looks Pretty New Still i.e Motor Drum Conections I cant Find A Service Manual Online. I Did Notice On The Front PCB A Bunch Of Pins That Have Nothing Plugged In Can You Perform Some Sought Of Factory Reset? Or Does Anyone Know What I can Do To Fix The Problem?
Thanx. Dave.

September 2008
hi dave mine is doing the same, i was going to buy a new motor today but what do u mean you replaced PCB? whats that and how do you do it please?
kind regards

March 2011
The problem with these machines is that the motor isn't really man enough for the job it's expected to do.
This results in excessive electrical noise (sparking) between brushes and commutator and this ruins the module.
What I'm saying in short is that your new module could go the same way as the old one. Even if it doesn't the armature is probably on it's way out.
Beko have superseded the WMA510 with the WMA5100 this model has an entirely different motor, now there's a surprise!!!

April 2010
replaced PCB and Motor Works now.

November 2008


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