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'condensation symbol' appearing on my Panasonic NV-DS65?

How can i stop the 'condensation symbol' appearing on my Panasonic NV-DS65? Every time I switch on, the symbol appears, the power light flashes for a short while and then powers off. I can't do anything with the camera now.
This is a brand new camera. We just got it 4 months back. But using it for the first time. According to instructions given in manual we left the tape tray of camera open for almost a week. But still it doesn't go off. Please help.

September 2008
Phone or take it back to where you purchased it if they can't cure it but say we'll get it repair refuse you should be entitled to a replacement or refund so soon after it's not fit for purpose, if it IS a fault.
Never mess with something that should be under warranty.

IF No joy go to click on support or contact us or if you haven't registered the camera click on that first register it then go for the others to get assistance with the problem or a replacement camera if it's a fault Demand it be replaced don't accept a repair. Again while the camera is in warranty don't mess with it. Post how you get on. I'm interested as I don't like people getting ' stuffed ' by the big boys.

September 2008

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