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How to replace screen on a Nokia 6230 / 6230i?

The screen on my Nokia 6230i recently cracked and no longer works. The phone underneath works fine as I can still play music and call people with it, I just can't read texts and stuff like that. I have removed the cracked screen and ripped out the metal surround that kept it there, leaving the backlight and the screen connector at the top (which still has most/all of the contacts that connected to the screen).

I also have another 6230 (can't use it as its simlocked) which I would like to take the screen out of if possible and put it in the other phone. How would I reconnect the screen and where to on the broken handset?
Many Thanks

September 2008
Thanks for the help Mike, I think I'll buy a complete new screen on ebay and fit that.
I think they come with a new backlight and the connectors seem to run through that then connect up to the main circuit board under the keypad.
Are there any catches I should be aware of with the screens for sale on ebay? I've found them complete with the T6 screwdriver to open the phone properly (a step up from wrenching off the screen surround with pliers :-s) for about £10 inc postage.
Thank you.

September 2008
Hi Ed when you took the old screen it should have been connected to the handset by an thin ribbon like cable and a small socket if not it may be connected by contacts on the back of the screen i would suggest you remove the screen from the other handset carefully and make note of how it connects and just reverse the process to fit it into the other phone, tip a guitar pick is excellent for removing phone covers as it doesnt damaged the cover, nokias are quite easy to replace parts on, I have changed a few screens you just need to take your time and be carefull also you could try googling the subject as there are lots of forums with detailed repair guides.

Mike Smith
September 2008

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