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john deere 318 wont crank and?

we have had started checked it is ok
battery is fully chared
but i am not getting in gas in my bowl and no gas in line but my mower has a full tank
anyone know why this could be or where i should go from here
we put new switch on it today still nothing but oil light and other dash lights come on
it also has a new clutch on it

September 2005
O.k. If I am understanding you, no gas is getting to carb, but more importantly when you turn the key nothing happens except a few lights come on. I would start by checking the solonoid. It is a cheap part to replace and it causes a lot of problems, but first check your kill switches and inline fuses. I think that there is either a fuse blown or a switch that is cutting your power. Also double check to make sure that all wire connections are tight and not corroded. Make sure all ground wires are attached and clean.

September 2005

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