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How can I get free view working?

I have a Tevion LCD tv which has inbuilt free view. For some reason no matter what I do Ican not get the free view to work even when following he instructions. As it would not work I tried plugging in a free view box and still could not pick up a signal with that. I have an ariel and signal booster all plugged in but still nothing. I have tried again with the in built freeview and there is a section where for first time intallation where it askes you for a code which Ido not have. Does anyone know how to fix this?

August 2008
If you can't pick up Freeview with the TV or a Freeview set top box then that suggests that you have an aerial problem or you are in an area with poor or no Freeview coverage.

In order to receive Freeview you need a good outdoor aerail correctly aligned.

You can check whether you should be able to receive Freeview and get some tips on aerials here.

August 2008

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