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Fix overheating BMW 318?

I bought a BMW 318 ti compact (1997) about 3 months ago. I used to drive it about 25 miles a day, and 2 or 3 times a week I would drive it to london and back (approx 50 miles each way). The car would do this journey just fine, until one day when i had driven the car for about an hour and a half, smoke came billowing out of the bonnet and i had noticed that the temperature gauge was at its limit (on red) and water was gushing out of the car. I got it towed home and sent it to the garage.

The garage said they had fixed it and so i went back to my old routine, only for it to happen again whilst in traffic in london. (I've now learnt my lesson and constantly watch the temperature gauge!) However, i'm coming to the end of my tether with the car. The other day this nearly happened for a 3rd time after having been in the garage (i didnt let it happen again, because as soon as i noticed the temp gauge reaching red i pulled over to let the car cool down)...

I've had the gaskett changed, a new radiator fitted, its been in the garage 3 times and still its overheating. I dont feel safe driving the car at night on my own and want to know how it can be mended without having to send it to a proper BMW garage as this will cost me a lot more than my local garage, but they obviously cant figure out what is wrong with it!

any advice as to what might be wrong with my car is much appreciated!! can it be fixed at all?!

August 2008
hi had the same turned out to be heater matrix that wos blocked so i flushed system and now been fine for the last four months. have you notice if the car gets warm inside

February 2010
i have had the same thing happen to me. changed head gassket, radiator, water pump, thermostat and still no joy just alot of cost BMW love me. The best way around this is just to sell the car as it can some times be cheaper

November 2009
BMW are crap buy a merc you cheap bm lovers

November 2009
just this morning i notice my 98" 318 overheating after a 15 mile run i pulled over for a paper, got bak into car turned it on and needle was almost in the red, checked the fan, woking fine so now im keeping my fingers crossed its just a wate4r pump

alex 23
August 2009
Try the water pump it s favourite on BMW's, had the same problem on mine.

Davy Gravy
March 2009
get your mechanic to check thethermostat,same thing happened to me but was overheating all the time,changed thermostat and was fine

October 2008
Had the same problem on my 01plate BMW. Turned out to be a defective water pump. Once i purchased the right part ,it took a mechanic friend of mine 25 mins to fit. Car running smoothly since!

August 2008


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