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How can I fix my 1994 Audi A4 central locking?

I will start by saying that I do not have a remote but use the actual key for locking my car.
My central locking has developed a fault where if I lock the car from the drivers door the alarm will set but the buttons do not go down so effectively the car stays unlocked. The same thing happens if I lock the car from the boot. However if I lock it from the passenger door then that button drops but the rest stay up. Also if I press the internal central locking button none of the doors lock. I have also just noticed that whenever I try to lock the car I can hear a buzzing or humming noise from the back of the car for about 5-10 seconds. Oh, and the petrol filler flap never locks anymore. Any assistance would be great.

July 2008
Hi, I have exactly the same problem on my 99 Avant. Please, does anyone know what this is? Mine stopped working with the buzzing noise with doors and tailgate open and the petrol flap locked!!

August 2008

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