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i cannot figure out how to set a Gardenline timer.?

just moved house and inherited a greenhouse with an irrigation system in place and i cannot figure out how they work. The batteries are ok and i can set the time and day but the rest leaves me baffled. I cannot see any model number shown, it is green, has buttons for up and down, set, diagram of a clock, time, programme, on and off a total of 8 buttons. Any help will be appreciated.

Jane Gregory
June 2008
fao russ girdler

do u still have instructions for gl200 irrigation system from aldi please?

many thanks!

Ros B
May 2020
Did you guys get your instructions??

I am wondering if the water in has to be connected to the top or bottom or does it not matter?


March 2015
If you are referring to the timer with the Dual outputs and twin dials, then this is how to set it:

The digital display shows 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th and 7th day. The 1st refers to running the programme every day, 2nd means run the program every other day etc. Press the Frequency button until it displays what you require.
The + and - buttons adjust the clock. If you hold down the button it advances quickly. You have to hold it down to adjust the hour and the am/pm setting. There is no more direct way of setting the hour.
The dials are reasonably self explanatory. I would recommend that you set one side to 6 o'clock settings and the other to the 7 o'clock settings. This will provide higher watering pressure as only 1 side will be on at a time.


Derek Johnson
August 2012
Hijacking this link, I have lost my instructions for my "Gardenline irrigation timer GL200" which I bought from Aldi in May this year and I'm having a devil of a time trying to contact someone for a pdf or paper manual, I wonder if you could help please?
Thank you

July 2009
hji there have same propblem could you please email instructions for this timer would be very very grateful


duncan mccoll
May 2009
I have a set of instructions for the Gardenline Irrigation Timer. I can send you a copy via e-mail if that will help you.

Russ Girdler
June 2008


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