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How can I fix my Bissell Model 8910 Pro Heat Steam Cleaner?

I had problems with the brush turning. Pulled brush down and belt came off. Then pushed the flip dial at brush back into steamer. How do I open the steam cleaner to replace the flip dial at brush and reattach the belt?

August 2005
my bissell proheat is not spaying water on to the carpet,but the hand wand is spraying when I switch it?

January 2009

Do you have a house routing and connection diagram for the ProHeat 8910 Steamer? I opened mine to flush lines and now have an extra hose end . . . THANKS!

D Norton
July 2006
The bissell proheat has I think 4 screws in the main housing. 2 in front & 2 in back. BE AWARE!!! Anyone taking apart a bissell proheat!! Under the housing where the soap dial is, is a small piece (I believe it is black, may be a little spiral looking at the tip) that connects to the soap dial on the housing. When you put the housing back on this must be connected to the housing FIRST. Kind of tilt it and slide it up in there. Make sure all the hoses are laid down properly also. While some may not think this is a big deal, it is very important. If you don't do this, your taking a great chance that when you put the housing back on there will be a small crack where the pieces didn't fit together like they should. The end result...first time you even pick up the machine, the screws will bust through the housing resulting in an repair for almost $40. This has happened to me. Finally a repair tech explained about the soap dial. This machine has alot of problems and is very frustrating not mention expensive to have to constantly fix. That is why I am passing along this info. The repair man said they don't generally offer this info because it's what keeps them in business. Good luck w/ your bissell if you still have it. In my opinion, these machines are not ment for anyone who plans on using it about once a week. (kids, dogs, etc.) First clue...the roller connects plastic on plastic (someone must have been drunk when they designed this). Did bissell not think that spinning plastic on plastic would get hot and melt? If anyone in your family has long hair as I do. Make sure also your brush is always free of hair. Otherwise your roller will go out within months.

June 2006


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