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CD Error Appears Now & Again ?

Front Loader Audi CD player in S3 ,plays fine ,then when load again ,states CD ERROR? ,Just won't play till following day when reload ?

May 2008
Two things worth trying to see if it clears this problem is (i) If you have the security code, "reboot" the system by disconnecting battery (or fuse) for 5 mins, replace then enter security code. (ii) Clean the laser by using a cleaning kit (Obtainable off Ebay or Maplins) This is basically a CD with a couple of bristle brushes plus cleaning solvent. Put a drop of solvent on the brushes, insert this cleaning CD and leave running. This cleans up the laser lens. If neither of the above work , then I don`t think there is any more that the amateur can do.

May 2008

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