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Oil Boiler will not fire up after changing thermostat controller?

I have an oil boiler (Worcester Danesmoor 15/19), which I use for the heating (I use the electric for the hot water, due to cost) The boiler is in a cupboard in the kitchen, the programmer is situated in the airing cupboard upstairs and in the downstairs hall there is a dial thermostat (Drayton).
As the programmer was the old type i.e. dialled with either the choice of timed or on, I decided to purchase a programmable thermostat. I purchased one at B&Q, but when I got home I noticed it was battery operated, my thermostat has a label saying that ‘it needs to be connected to a 230 volt connection, otherwise you will not hear a click’ So I went back and was advised to purchase a ‘Sunvic TLX RFP’
I installed it today and it worked for about 10 minutes then the boiler went off. The thermostat is still calling for heat, but the power light is off on the boiler. I replaced the old thermostat and also switched the hot water to the boiler, but still nothing!!!!
Please can somebody offer any help, as my wife is now not speaking to me???
The instructions did give me the option to make the thermostat VOLT FREE, by removing a piece of wire, but as my old thermostat said it need 230v I left it in, I hope this was right???


Andrew Turner
May 2008
That will teach you to dabble with something that you can't handle A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING! will help you find an engineer near you who hopefully will want to get involved after a DIY fiasco

Boiler Repairman
May 2009
blown fuse in boiler spur?

April 2009

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