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Can I repair a countax C300H transaxle?

My Countax C300 seems to have a major transaxle problem. It will not go up even the slightest incline but is OK on the flat. The drive belt to the transaxle is fine but it seems that the hydrostatic drive just can't cope with any significant load. Is there anything thast can be done to "repair" the unit or is a replacement transaxle at something like £500 the inly way forward?

George Lunt
April 2008
i cannot workout how to put on the drive belt for the transaxle on a c300h it seems to long

August 2009
Hi, I had a similar problem on an early 300H, the model with a B&S engine and hand lever speed control. It started going slowly in reverse and eventually it would not reverse at all and the forward speed slowed to a crawl. I changed the hydraulic fluid first but this did not solve the problem and I thought the drive unit was shot. As a last resort I checked all of the linkages from the hand lever to the unit itself and found that the connection to the spindle on the unit was the problem. It is held in with a very thin pin which had almost sheared and the linkage connected to it was barely turning the spindle. I replaced the pin and the drive was as good as new. I may have just been lucky. These hydro units do fail, but it's worth a quick check of the linkage as above. If not . . . £700!!!!!!!!! Good luck.

April 2009

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