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Engine starts fine,run great, but dies when clutch is released?

14hp Snapper 38" riding mower.,, Dog ate some wiring ( right side)but couldn't find any broken wires. Ground wire to starter pulled out but I fixed that. Where can I get a wiring diagram or advice???

P.S. dog still alive...

Michael Baudry
July 2004
Engine has no power. Could be poor compression, could be the diaphram on the carb

October 2005
Thats good news to hear thet the dog made it. Now there is a safety switch on the clutch peddle that when you let the peddle out it will complete a circuit that will keep the mower running. They are on the right side of most mowers. Some where you will see eighter a plug unpluged or a switch disconected that will come from your clutch peddle. You will have to look careful but it's there trust me. Good luck with it!

July 2004

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