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My Halstead Hero 40 Boiler keeps locking out?

For the last few days we have had either hot water, or central heating. The problem being, I haven't a clue. The one thing I do know is that the boiler itself keeps locking out, the rads, get warm and the water gets hot, but only after its been reset, and then, the boiler locks out. Thing is I keep resetting it and we have hot water and central heating in the evening, but when we wake up, its freezing. Any ideas.



April 2008
Also just oiled the fan on my Halstead Best 60 as it had become horribly noisy, now it's like new (I wouldn't use WD40, use light mineral/instrument oil without PTFE). Not difficult to do and the service manuals are available online. I also had an ignition problem where the boiler would not light from cold, i.e. in the morning, but would when warm. Turned out to be the HT cable to the ignition probes. The insulation on one of them had developed a crack and was arcing to the metal case, resiting / redressing the cable cured the fault and it has been working perfectly for the last two years.

BTW, the fan is not for cooling the boiler, but drives the flu gasses out, boiler does not switch off due to overheating but due to the combustion chamber pressure sensor detecting the fan is not running.

Strictly speaking all these things should be fixed by a Corgi registered engineer, which I am not!

November 2013
Spot on with oiling the fan bearings.My hero 75 is 8yrs old
Ive replaced the analogue p.c.b with a new digital p.c.b,
fitted a new thermistor, and now the heat exchanger is leaking. I,t repeatedly clicked but didnt ignite, so I alltered the gap on the electrode, that fixed it. My last boiler, a Thorn A was a floor mounted back boiler. It lasted 30 yrs and all I changed was a thermocouple or
two. My trusty lump of cast iron was still going when we moved. So much for expensive, forever going wrong

January 2012
Just condenmed a Hero last night.
Kept going to lock out...
Heat exchanger split and leaked over burner causing fatal damage to boiler, thankfully no damage to casing but beyond econimical repair!
Replace all Halstead's with something reputable.
Halsteads are made cheap and parts are VERY expensive!

Big Ad
January 2011
my halstead hero 40 boiler wont light. it keeps clicking as if it is going to light up but it wont ignite. it doesnt lock out, just wont light.

January 2010
if you can get rid of this kind of boiler, bin it asap. I have a best 40, just 10 yrd, it is electronicl part got problem and can not work, it is very hard to find the part to replace the fauty part!!! I heard boiler can work for many years, and the engineer also told me the 10 yrd boiler is not old!!

dr kwo
January 2010
can some body help on hero 60 needs to be reseted

January 2009
it is the worst boiler I know to put into an old system.
any air in the system cuts every thing out.
if your boiler is still under guarentee it is best to call out the halstead engineers to make good the boiler and even they themslves are bad at it.
I am afraid that it will keep on cutting out until the circuit board goes or you need to put in automatic air vent on nearly all you system.

November 2008
I have a Halstead hero 60 and had a similar problem. With mine the extractor fan on the top of the boiler was sticking and freezing up so the boiler overheated and locked out. Solution - take boiler apart, remove fan assembly (pretty easy to do). Oilthe fan shaft with WD40 or 3in1 and get the fan moving. Reassemble and start up boiler. If it happens again repeat the treatment. Eventually you will probably need to replace the fan but mine has been working for a year now. Hope that helps

Nigel Blake
September 2008


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