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NINTENDO DS LITE: The mic is not working....?

When I speak at the DS from 12" away, it responds with "It seems that my machinery cannot pick up your voice!"
Has anyone else had same problem? How did you fix it?

March 2008

Just send it to a repair centre .
Is a cheap repair .
I fix my one on
Same day service really cheap

August 2010
The internal mic is routed through the front mic input connector and if this connector gets dirty then it will work poorly or go open circuit. Use a cotton bud and WD-40 ( or similar contact cleaner) to clean the two pins next to the headphone jack input. The contact cleaner needs to go right to the back of the connector. Use a toothpick to push the contacts up and down a few times to clear the contacts.

December 2009
hold it about 6 inches away instead

January 2009
go to gamestop and pay like15 $ thats what mine costed but i also p*ss*d the dude off by bugung him

November 2008
i hadnt fixed mine yet but as soon as i do i will give all of the info you need to fix it:)

July 2008


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