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Can I add a multichanger unit to my existing cd player?

I have recently purchased a Land Rover with a Panasonic CQ-RDP311N CD/radio fitted and am wondering is possible to fit a CD multichanger without having to buy a new head unit?
If so which units would offer the best value for money?

January 2008
The Panasonic changer is CX-DP880 - each company usually only allows their changers to work with their own decks (head units). I can't get any info on the deck but if it can be removed, there will be a DIN plug on the back of it if it can take a changer. The DIN plug is a multi pin (usually round) flat black socket with heaps of holes in it.

If you are doing any 4X4 action with the Land Rover, you would be better off with and FM transmitter (if you don't have an AUX socket on the face) and an MP3 player (ie. ipod, or creative zen) because they won't skip.

January 2008


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