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How can I replace the drive belt on a Morphy Richards 48286?

My daughters breadmaker(Morphy Richards 48286) won't knead the mixture. I suspect the drive belt needs replacing. I have removed the 5 screws from the base but it is still secured in place. Has anybody managed to solve this problem.
PS Morphy Richards wern't any help on their Helpline!!

Peter Hemsley
January 2008
tip your breadmaker upside down taking the bread pan and spindle out 1st. Cut out the pear shape plastic out using a sharp knife, the belt is under there be patience and carefull just done mind 079051 70645 Terry

November 2011
Hi Peter
Hopefully I can help. Lay the machine on its side, with the base facing you. Now carefully but firmly press a flat head driver into the gap where the two halves join. You'll need the handle resting away from you. Take care not to slip and stab yourself! Pressing driver lightly into the machine, 'hook' the tip under the bottom edge of the top moulding and lever apart. There are 9 clips in all. Now I hope that you are to the same point as I, and that you are able to assist me in finding a new belt perhaps? If you find a supplier I would appreciate knowing please? I can be mailed at
Thanks, and luck be with you my friend,

Woody Wudd
February 2008


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