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How can I fix my Blaupunkt Radio/CD Player (Sevilla RDM 168)?

The Player will not accept CD's any more, afraid to push them in, in case it wont release them later. Could the sensor be at fault, if so any answers please. I suppose WD40 wouldn't be a good idea would it.

June 2004
Nope! (in case you weren't joking!) WD40 would most definitely NOT be a good idea. If anything, the prob may be due to too much dust/grime/(wd40?) in the disc chamber. If it uses an optical sensor (light beam) to tell if the disc is in/out and it has got dirty (do you smoke in the car? that's always a good source of particles) that could be the source of your problem. Local car hi-fi shop for a strip-down, clean and overhaul might be the best choice.

July 2004


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